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Things to look for as we continue to grow and hammer out details:

  • Rockbottom Merchandise – we could’ve just thrown up some questionable items, but we figured if we were going to go up from Rockbottom, we should go the extra mile and find a US supplier. Finalizing should happen in early September.
  • Expanded Classifieds open to New York and Vermont residents and businesses.
  • A Free Barter and Trade Section of Classifieds to promote the American spirit of entrepreneurism and ingenuity.
  • Additional articles and content and opportunities to submit opinion and local interest pieces.
  • Local Event Calendar.
  • Uplifting from Rockbottom – stories of giving back and goodness.
  • Links to items mentioned in each issue.
  • Social Media – we’re not spring chickens, so there’s a bit of a learning curve to this one.
  • Rockbottom Gallery – reader submitted pictures that include a copy of the Rockbottom Tattler in the picture. (All photos submitted may be reproduced and shared on our social media sites.)
Cover of Plog #1

By the way – each issue of the Rockbottom Tattler has the number 777 hidden somewhere. Keep an eye out for our version of a lucky clover.

Get it today because the price will change.

So, What are we about ?

Additional earnings
A Frames
Additional employment
Additional work
Betty Talks about Ice Skating and Dancing
Boot Strap Income
Cabin building
Career Building
Career development
Comic Entertainment
Contract work
Distance employment
Distance Learning
Films and Film Making Project
Freedom Lifestyle
Fringe earning
Garage Businesses
Gig Work
Giving Back
Health and Fitness
High income Job
His Side and Her Side
Home Garden
Home Storage
Homemade Income
Income in your garage
Income outdoors
Interviews and Call-ins
Job on the side
Leisure pursuit
Little side business
Living 0ff the Land
More work
On line work
On the road employment
Our Cave Home Project
Our Environment
Outdoor – Camping, Hiking and More.
Part-time contract
Part-time employment
Part-time gig
Part-time job
Part-time work
Partial employment
Personal Development
Personal Trainers News
Piecework in nature
Prepping and Home Storage
Remote Work
Retire Early
Retirement Income
Sailing Life
Sales Jobs
Second career
Secondary occupation
Seed Saving
Short-time working
Side business
Side gig
Side hustle
Side project
Solar Energy
Supplemental income
Tattle Tales
The Funny Side of Life
The Tree House Project
Tiny House
Tiny House News
Tips and Tricks
Van Life
Veteran Outreach
Victory Garden
Wealth Building
Weekend Income
Wind Energy
Work at home
Work from home
Work on Line